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How to Encrypt or Unencrypt Files

Encrypt file

Step 1: Open the file, convert ’Edit’ to the ‘Edit Mode’.

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Step 2: Click ‘Tools’ auto sum at the bottom.

encrypt file

Step 3: Click ‘File’ Tab, choose ’Document Encryption’, then turn on the button encrypt file.

encrypt file

Step 4: Input the password, then click OK to finish the encryption.

Note: Please remember what password you have set. If you forget the password, you can not open your file.

encrypt file

Unencrypt file

Click ‘File’ Tab, choose ’Document Encryption’, then turn off the iconencrypt file .

encrypt file

Change password

Step 1: In the ‘file’ tab, click ‘Change password’.

encrypt file

Step 2: Input a new password.

encrypt file

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