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How to Activate WPS Office After Your Subscription

Subscription users needn’t get a license code to activate WPS Office. You just activate it by an account. After your payment, you can activate WPS Office from the Sign in button on the top-right of the menu.

Click the Sign in button, the login window will pop up. Just sign in your account in Account Center.

sign in from wps office interface

When you sign up in Account Center, WPS account could be email address, gmail, facebook, dropbox or twitter account. After you sign up, you will get your WPS Office account .

sign in from wps office interface

After log in your account, you will find your account ID on the top-right of the menu. You can check your subscription information from the drop-down menu.

check subscription information

You can check and manage your Subscription information at store.wps.com.

check subscription information form user center

At Use Center, you can reset, edit account name and password.

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