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How to Share Files with WPS Office

In WPS Office, the Share File function only takes seconds. The user can scan the QR code and share your document to cellphone for editing by others, which is convenient and effective. To use this function, follow the steps below:

Share Files by Links in WPS

Step 1. Open Share Task Window

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  • Click the Share File icon in the Special Feature tab.

  • Click the side-draw menu arrow to show or hide the Share task window.

  • Put the cursor on the file name uploaded to the file roaming and a tip box will open.

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    Step 2. Log in your account

    Click the Sign in button to log in. If you don't have an account, you can log in by registering or by a third party account.

    Step 3. Create Share Link

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  • New Document

  • Click the Create Share Link button and you need to name your file before creating a share link. Enter the file name in the text box.

    share file

    Click the Create Share Link button again. Then the share link will generate.There are three sections in the Share task window:

    Check on Cloud: Click this button to check your document on cloud.

    share file

    Copy the link to share: Click the Copy button to copy this link to share.

    share file

    Scan QR code: Scan this QR code to view this document on phnoe.

    share file
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  • Local Document

  • If you open the local document, click the Create Share Link button and the share link will directly generate. The task window is shown above.

    Share Files on the Web Side

    WPS Office support share files on the web side WPS Cloud.

    Place the cursor on the document that you want to share and the share option will appear.

    share file

    Click the Share icon and a tip will pop up. The users can copy the share link and can choose or add the members that they want to share.

    share file

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