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Open and Save to ODF, ODS and ODP Documents in WPS Office

WPS Office is a leading office suite in world. It can be compatible with MS Office, which do not support ODF documents. However, WPS Office has added this feature and can help users open and save to ODF files in WPS Office. Here is the download link of the ODF add-in for WPS Office.

The ODF add-in allows for interoperability between applications based in ODF (OpenDocument) 1.1 standards and ECMA Office OpenXML based office applications. With the ODF add-in installed in your PC, you can open, create and save office documents to ODF format.

odf ods odp document in wps office

A Brief Introduction on ODF Format

ODF is an ISO international Standard format for office documents. ODF was created by Apache OpenOffice in 2006.

ODF has three file extensions: ODT—word processor documents, ODS—spreadsheets documents, and ODP—presentation documents.

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