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Maximally Protect and Recover Lost Data

Data loss is annoying. However, we have to calm down to figure out a solution to get back the lost data.

Before recover the data, we should adopt some tips to avoid further data loss. In that way, we can make full use of a data recovery application to recover the data efficiently.

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  • When your data is lost, please close all programs that can be closed in order to avoid possible operations of disk write. Some programs may generate a lot of temporary files when running, those temporary files may overwrite to-be-recovered files. Please be aware that overwriting will cause second damage to your lost files.

  • If a disk partition has the data to recover, do not write new data in this partition. For example, operations like install software, save or copy files, will write new data to this partition, which might destroy the original data in files to be restored. Please save to-be-restored photos to another disk (or another disk partition). Otherwise, new written data may cover the to-be-restored files.

    Having taken above tips, you could consider using the data recovery software to help you maximize the data recovery effect. Please download WPS Data Recovery Master

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