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Attacked by Ransomware? WPS Data Recovey Master Help You

In WannaCry ransomware attack, some see a dramatic demonstration of the value of having good, secure backups and good data recovery including having the important data or document recovered. WPS Data Recovery Master can help you solve the problems that confused you. It can help you to recovery you important data or document which have been lost from your computer.

Due to technical reasons and other factors, data recovery products cannot 100% recover lost data. WPS Data Recovery Master, with the best data recovery technology, could help you get back your lost data as much as possible. Before restore your data, please learn more about data recovery principles and recovery techniques.

Here are steps of how to use WPS Data Recovery Master:

Step 1. Download WPS Data Recovery Master.

Step 2. Open WPS Data Recovery Master.

Step 3. Select the scan mode based on your own situation.

Step 4. Select the files you need to restore. After the scanning process, a lot of documents, available or unavailable, will show up in the result. Select the files you want to restore and click Next to continue.

Step 5. Find a location to save the recovered files. To avoid overwriting other files in the to-be-recovered disk, please save the recovered files to another disk.

Step 6. Data recovery is done. Please backup your files to avoid future data loss.


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