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How to Add a Thirdparty Spell Check Dictionary

How to Add a Thirdparty Spell Check Dictionary in WPS Office

Adding a thirdparty spell check dictionary is convenient for users. To add a thirdparty spell check dictionary, please take the following steps as below: (Take German as an example)

Step 1: Open WPS installation directory, and create a new directory named "de_DE" in the path: office6/dicts/spellcheck.

add open source spell check dictionary

Step 2: Copy the .aff and .dic files provided by the thirdparty to the de_DE folder and rename them to “main.aff” and “main.dic”.

Step 3: Create a “dict.conf” file in the de_DE folder and open it with text editor, such as notepad. Then enter the contents as follow:


Step 4: Restart WPS Office.

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