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Check WPS Office version and update it

  • Check WPS Office version

Click Global Settings on the home page, click About WPS Office, and then you can see the current version, for example, 12.2.0.


  • Check WPS Office Android version

1. When you open WPS Office on your mobile phone, click Me on the bottom bar firstly.


2. Find Settings and click it.


3. Then you can click About.


4. After that you will find the version code on the top, for example, 16.4.5.


  • Update WPS Office

All WPS users are recommended to update WPS Office to the latest version to better enjoy powerful features. The following is some information about WPS Office updates.

First, you can follow the steps below to update WPS Office:

1. Click Settings on the home page, and click About WPS Office.

2. In the pop-up dialog box, click Check Update to check whether you need to update WPS Office.


3. A pop-up window appears on the lower right corner of your computer screen, indicating that the installation is in progress. The installation will be done automatically. Wait patiently and restart your WPS Office after the installation is complete.

Check WPS Office version and update it3.png

4. If your computer has the latest version of WPS Office installed, the following pop-up window will appear.

Check WPS Office version and update it4.png

Second, you can set the update options.

1. Click Settings on the home page, and click Configuration Tools. In the pop-up dialog box, click Advanced.


2. Select Update Settings and set the update options based on your requirements.

3. Click OK.


Note: WPS Office 2019 provides two Update Mode options.

1. Download updates and install them automatically

WPS will check the significant updates and download and install them automatically. You will receive the message through a pop-up dialog box.

2. Do not update automatically (not recommended)

In this mode, WPS wont check for updates, and you have to complete the updates manually.

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