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How to Use File Roaming in WPS Office

WPS Office offer File Roaming, an automatic document backup service that allows you to access your documents through the program, the web at https://account.wps.com/, or on your iOS device.

file roaming

What is File Roaming?

When using File Roaming, once you create or open a document in WPS Office, it will be automatically saved in WPS Cloud. You can access the same document to view and edit it when you log in to WPS Office on iOS, or directly online at the WPS Cloud website

Highlights of File Roaming

1. Opened documents are automatically saved in WPS Cloud. After switching on the File Roaming feature, your new and opened documents will automatically be uploaded to the cloud.

2.Synchronize documents on your PC and iOS devices and the WPS Cloud website. After logging in, you can see in your account all the documents you opened with different devices.

3. View document history. By using File Roaming, you can save every modification of your documents and check them in history.

How to Use File Roaming

Open WPS Writer, Presentation, or Spreadsheets, click on Sign in button on the top right to log in to your account. Or you can also visit the Office Space tab > File Roaming > click Use Now.
You can use your Google, Facebook or Twitter account to log in, or sign up with your email address:

After logging in, File Roaming function is automatically enabled. After that, files you open or edit will be uploaded to cloud automatically and you can check those files under Office tab > File Roaming or by going to the WPS Cloud website.

If you log out, the documents you open or edit will not be uploaded to cloud.

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