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How to Extract All Email Address in a Word Document in One Second

When you're faced with a job that needs to find all the email addresses in a document with hundreds of messages, you can use WPS Office to complete this task in a second.Take WPS Writer 2016 as an example:

Specific steps to complete this task

Step 1. Click the Find and Replace icon in the Home tab (or press shortcut Ctrl+F) to open the Find and Replace dialogue box.

extract all email address

Step 2. Enter “[A-z,0-9]{1,}\@[A-z,0-9,.]{1,}” in Find what section. Then select HighlightAll in the drop-down list of Reading Highlight, and click “More” to check “Use wildcards”.

extract all email address

Step 3. Click Find Previous(B) or Find Next to locate the email address that you need.

extract all email address

In this way, you can complete this task in a few seconds, improving your work efficiency and saving your time and effort.

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