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Change the Homepage to a New Blank Document

WPS Online Templates is the fastest page as default when the WPS office lanched. Sometimes, it seems some users resolve bulks of douments everyday. It will save time for users to set the homepage to a blank page. Here’s how to set a blank document as default.

Step 1. Launch WPS Office ( each of Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet), we will make the Writer as an example.

Setp 2. Click “Premium” on the left side of the top menu and select “Options”, and then there is a “Options” window pop up.

Set Homepage Blank

Step 3. In the "Options" pop-up window, select "General and Save" at left.

Step 4. Near the bottom of the pop-up menu, select “New Document” in the “Start With” option.

Change First Page Blank

Step 5. Click on the “OK“ button of the pop-up menu and Writer will open with a blank document the next time you start the program.

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